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BDM Limited

BDM Limited is a team of individuals who work together with the goal of achieving a wide range of objectives. These groups can be found in various settings, including businesses, non-profit organizations, community groups, and educational institutions. BDM Limited is effective because they bring together people with diverse skills, perspectives, and experiences, and allow them to collaborate on a variety of tasks and projects.

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BDM Shopnaloy

Our Running Project

Luxurious from elevation of the building will have a combination of high standard building materials.


Running Project Gellary

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Head Office

2813/C, Al-Helal Bhanban, Eidgha Kacha Raster Matha, Halishahar Road, Pahartali, Chottogram, Bangladesh.

Phone: +880 1749349299, +880 1828 178962

Email: bdmlimited21@gmail.com

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